Family Pictures 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Fun

Lots of pictures from our fun and busy Halloween weekend. We had our church party Thursday and headed to a party for the city of Peoria on Saturday. Its amazing all the effort you put into the kids and their costumes and how all they want to do is just take them off. I am not sure why I have not figured this out yet. Regardless its still fun to see how excited to see how the kids get to stock up on treats and see what their friends dressed up as.

School Party

So I got to be a real school mom this year and go to Canyon's party. It makes you realize how big they are when you see how comfortable they are in a different environment. When I got there she was crying and her teacher said that when the first mom showed up and I wasn't there she got so worried I was not coming. Glad to know my girl wants her mama.

Canyon and her kindergarten teacher Mrs. Western. She LOVES her teacher and that sure makes a mom happy!