Family Pictures 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

We are still alive!

SO......I guess it has been a while since I have updated the blog so here it goes. Lets see this summer was busy and hot and fun and more busy and fun and I guess still hot. We did what most of you did....swim, vacation, turn 30, well not all of us turned 30, sorry to my older gals swimming lessons(all three outside in 110 degrees I don't recommend). We had lots of company and and Todd and I were able to take lots of little trips thanks to our sweet and most favorite babysitter Chynna. The kids just keep growing up way to fast.

Jagger still thinks he is Hulk. Thanks Todd. He has plenty of testosterone for at least five boys. He is a lover and a fighter and just keeps getting cutter every day. He is talking pretty well, I had to stop comparing him to our first born. He really is such a fun kid but he has no problem tackling who ever gets in his way. We love our sweet boy.

Cardin turned one and is sure making her self known. She has said what we think are her first words. STOP! While pointing her finger at you...sounds a lot like some one else in the house(me) and COOL. She is still our little angel. She is the happiest dang kid I have ever met. She gets that from Todd. Let's be honest. She walks everywhere and is not afraid of anything.

And Canyon is such a big girl. She helps me so much and is just fun to do things with. I feel that this is such a fun age where they are independent but yet they just want to hold hands and be together. She is my big baby. She loves playing with Cardin and always calls her "my little sweetie". She and Jagger are hot and cold but seem to be getting a little better every day.

I sure do love my family.

She loves gymnastics

Canyon has been in gymnastics for a little over a year and she loves it. She was moved into an invitation only class this summer and is getting better every week. I was getting a little jealous of all the cool tricks she was learning so I seriously asked the owner if they had any adult classes....I was denied. So I guess I will just enjoy on the from the sidelines.

Canyon turns 5

So this year for the big 5 we had Canyon's birthday party at pump it up. It was a lot fun and the best part was all we had to do was pay and the rest was taken care of. She is such a fun girl and always up for any thing. I can not believe how fast time flies by especially with the kids. She is my little pal and I love doing anything and everything with her.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Canyon starts Kindergarten!

So my big girl finally started school! It was bittersweet. Sunday night I cried my eyes out but when Monday morning came around and she and Jagger started their daily fighting I was running out the door. She is gone from 7:40 till 3:40. It has been so fun to see how excited she is about going. And not to mention it is way easier with 2 at home! I am really enjoying having a little extra time alone with Jagger and Cardin. We sure are proud of our big girl.