Family Pictures 2009

Thursday, December 11, 2008


So you can see we got our new pictures and we were really happy with how they turned out. Sorry to ruin the surprise but our Christmas card will be sporting one of these pics. One can never get enough of the Cockrell's right? If anyone is interested, our photographer comes to AZ, UT and ID once a year and has great rates. Her website is Thanks to all you so far who have sent your beautiful Christmas cards out all ready. Ours will probably get there just in time to be thrown away:)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

So I have to brag......

Real quick I just want to say what a great guy I have. On Saturday afternoon Todd came home from taking Canyon to a movie and was very encouraging for me to leave the house for a while, so I went for a quick jog and came home to these amazing flowers. I was not sure what the occasion was but he told me I only had an hour to get ready. He had his sister Kim all lined up to watch the kids but my brother Brady was in town so he took the two older ones and Kim watched Cardin and we were off. I could not guess for the life of me where we were going and he was throwing me some pretty good false ideas. Anyway he ended up surprising me by getting us tickets to Celine Dion. I was so excited! She is classic. It was awesome!! Maybe I was even a little star struck. He had a girl at his office get the tickets and everything cause he knows I know too much. I am really proud of him getting away with such big secret. It was the best date we have had in a long time. Thanks Babe! Your the best! Love you!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Day Run.....


Come on who really looks cute when they run? At least I am trying to smile.

Me and my fan club

Well its a start! So I have been running with the kids and felt it was time to set a small goal so I picked a 5k on Thanksgiving morning. It's funny how fast you feel when you always train with the kids in a double running stroller then you go with out it kind of makes you think you are ready for the Olympic try-outs. Last Monday I went running with out the kids and thought hum... I'm not running the 5k I'm going for the 10 mile run, yeah I am ready. But, by the end of that run I was pretty sure the 5k would be sufficient. I was a lot of fun to have Todd and the kids cheer me on and see how excited they were for me to wave at them.