Family Pictures 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tis the Season......for lots of parties!

PDS Christmas party in Irvine, CA. Such a blast and great gettaway. The Ladies
Christmas Dinner Party with a bunch of Docs


Frye Kids said...

great idea about getting together before we are 50!! LOl!! :) Kelly i need to come and visit YOU and have YOU take me on a shopping spree. you are the cutest thing ever, well you always have been! you are so Hot!! we are good just the normal up and downs with Briant's job. your kids are seriously gorgeous, i am sure you hear that all the time, but THEY ARE!! love you girl and have a great christmas!

Lloyd's Tribune said...

Kell hey sweets love the family pics. cardin is getting so big and darling! Love that cute blonde hair. You and yours look stunning as ever. Just wanted to tell you we are moving in a few days to Maryland. I've been meaning to call since we txt last week but it's been a ccrazy stress zone here with Christams and moving. UGH!!! We have an open door policy we would love to have you and yours come visit, How about Christmas in New York one year? We have a pad to stay in that is beautiful and will keep yours and mine. It would be so...much fun! Talk to you soon. Merry Christmas!
Big loves and hugs. ps love your doo! Muah!

Madeline said...

love you Kel! You look like you're having a fabulous time looking fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Kel I am IN LOVE with your new family photo's!!!! You are such a beautiful fam and I want all your little girls outfits for Avee :0) Sooooo adorable.

hapi said...

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